Jeff Martin
Redcoats-ish 2

Redcoats-ish 2

20 CAD

120 pages
Black and white
Softcover trade paperback

Redocats-ish collects more comic strips from Jeff Martin’s War of 1812 stories, featuring the misadventures of John and George, two not so fearless men of the Canadian militia. Heeding the call to defend Canada against the invading American army, John and George are now doing their best to be heroes, whilst also working hard to avoid battles, marching, danger or anything else that involves effort.

More mad-cap adventures this time as our hapless heroes stumble into Tecumseh, Laura Secord arm-wrestling a bear, the burning of the White House and the destruction of Toronto, I mean York. Niigaanwewidam Sinclair guest writes a story about their indigenous counterparts in a twist of perspective too.This a good fun read for anyone looking for War of 1812 adventures that make you chuckle.

Includes an author signature and sketch on the title page.