Jeff Martin


20 CAD
96 pages
Black and white
Softcover trade paperback

It's Pokemon meets WWE... it's WRESTLEMON!

Jacey and her Wrestlemon, Technico, want to be the very best. Before they can achieve their dreams of glory in the Wrestlemon Arena, though, they're going to have to go through Jacey's childhood rival, help an old friend get revenge, and face the scariest thought of all: what if they aren't good enough?

Wrestlemon is an all-ages adventure set in a world where mischievious wrestling monsters make trouble. Spoofing the wacky worlds of Pokemon and professional wrestling, Wrestlemon is a perfect read for fans of either, or people who like their comics to be a wild romp.

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By choosing the Custom Wrestlemon Sketch, option, you get to pick a Pokemon or wrestler (please specify the Pokemon/wrestler in your order notes), and I'll turn it into a custom, one-of-a-kind Wrestlemon drawing in your book!

Praise for Wrestlemon!

"Wrestlemon is a must for children (especially in this modern age)" - Jerry Whitworth, Nerdfect Strangers

"... there were action scenes which reminded me Osamu Tezuka and character expressions that reminded me of Joe Sacco." - Chad Kuffert, CEK Content

"... Martin offers up an utterly endearing, kid-friendly tale...", "8/10" - C.K. Stewart, Newsarama